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Blake Solomon 11/25/09 03:23 PM

Low Levels Live
The Appleseed Cast will be touring next year, and playing Low Level Owl 1 and Low Level Owl 2 in their entirety. Dates are here.

Submitted by ryanhorizons

thetruthisvile 11/25/09 03:28 PM

Very cool.

JordanBuell 11/25/09 03:30 PM

no where near me. lame.

Austin Davis 11/25/09 03:32 PM

Epic. Definitely going to Berbati's.

Keagan Ilvonen 11/25/09 03:34 PM

Not coming near me. God damn.

Vanillamocha 11/25/09 03:37 PM

No New York!

Praetor 11/25/09 03:40 PM

Of course there's no NY date.

Justinfastbreak 11/25/09 03:41 PM

Definitely driving the distance to Chicago to hear the near two hours of perfection!

bradsonemanband 11/25/09 03:48 PM

this is epic as shit

drudo182 11/25/09 03:59 PM

March 21, 2010

Kansas City.

That would be awesome.

kickstandnabeel 11/25/09 03:59 PM

2 hours of music from any band WILL get boring.

anomaly519 11/25/09 04:13 PM


Originally Posted by kickstandnabeel (Post 57936721)
2 hours of music from any band WILL get boring.

WOW. You have an extremely low attention span. I personally think that the longer a show is, the better(for the most part). You pay for show so why not get the most out of it?

TheBaroness 11/25/09 04:33 PM

can't believe I'm going to miss this :bluesad:

Chobble 11/25/09 05:24 PM

Nowhere near me :-(

danielineffigy 11/25/09 05:27 PM

oh shit! I'm definitely going to this. Austin or Denton... hmm...