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Blake Solomon 11/27/09 07:42 PM

Greeley Breeds Jealousy
Greeley Estates posted a new song on myspace called "Jealousy Breeds Killing Sprees" that features Craig Mabbit. The new album's tracklisting is in the replies.

Submitted by Max_123

wendjiqn 11/27/09 07:43 PM

i like the direction they're going with this album.

loui 11/27/09 07:47 PM

it's a metaphor, fool.

COREhorizon 11/27/09 07:56 PM

Each album gets heavier. I do kind of miss their old sound once in a while.

I am Mick 11/27/09 08:02 PM

sounds like every other boring generic metal band. I would love to put a bunch a bunch of these bands instrumentals one after another and see if anyone could tell them apart...I'd guess no.

andthetruthwill 11/27/09 08:19 PM

Sounds pretty chaotic and solid. I would like to go to hometown show for these guys and witness the energy.

anthonydarko 11/27/09 08:25 PM

Sounds like every other post hardcore band that sells neon T-shirts.

Heroin Robot 11/27/09 08:26 PM

sounds solid indeed

the end is sick

greeley isnt revolutionary true, but they do have their own sound they started on the last lp

xjdizzle 11/27/09 08:35 PM

Idk they need to add more singing .to these songs otherwise they are gono sound like every other scene metalcore band out there. What they did with their last album was great.Hopefully this wont be just a double bass breakdown jam session w screaming in it.

OdeToTheSun 11/27/09 08:54 PM

Probably won't like this song if Craig "Douchebag" Mabbit is it in.

EDIT: I'm digging it. I barely noticed he was in the song anyway.

ndoleman 11/27/09 09:52 PM

I really think there wont be any singing on the new album. Digging it none the less.

DCD08 11/27/09 10:29 PM

craig mabbit is a bitch

red8ge 11/27/09 10:41 PM

I like the other song better.

AndrewIcex 11/27/09 11:09 PM

I dig the direction, but I do want a little more singing from them.

StartAngry&Mad 11/27/09 11:13 PM

They're definately getting heavier with every release, for the good or bad...at least the breakdowns are far more effective and natural now than they used to be [I was always disappointed with Far From the Lies]