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asdfjkl 06/18/06 10:42 PM

i'm really impressed with this album. i've never cared much about underoath at all, but i listened because of all the good things i've heard, and i really, really enjoy it. i'll definitely be buying it on tuesday.

good review, too.

perrone 06/19/06 05:52 AM

gabe...you're killing me, smalls

Gabe Gross 06/19/06 06:05 AM


Originally Posted by perrone
gabe...you're killing me, smalls


anthony_jr 06/19/06 06:23 AM

this album is sooo sooo goood.

brutusUbastard 06/19/06 06:25 AM

wow thats incredibly overrated.

FeynmanWannabe 06/19/06 06:32 AM


Originally Posted by Gabe Gross
Thanks to the mixing done by the infamous Chris Lord-Alge (Green Day, Stone Temple Pilots), the free-flowing and monumental building of choruses punch through effectively.

I'm not really familiar with his work, but why the choice of the word "infamous"?

Pretty good review. I haven't heard this yet.

Mattx 06/19/06 06:33 AM

Glad I waited til the mastered version was available before giving it a listen, really enjoying the final thing. I think Underoath will be very proud of what they've done with this album, it sounds so much more complete and well-rounded than their previous efforts. The return to their heavier roots might surprise some but I suggest you give this album a chance as it really is fantastic.

westsidas2000 06/19/06 06:37 AM

This fuckin cd tears a hole into every single one of my organs. Incredible, incredible incredible.

Jess6man2000 06/19/06 06:41 AM

sooo good

ASUFocker 06/19/06 06:42 AM

Everyone should wait 9 months until the re-release comes out with extra tracks and a DVD

Toner 06/19/06 06:44 AM

Only heard the version on MTV's leak at the moment, but I am definately going to pick up a copy. I've been waiting for an album like this since From Autumn To Ashes' "Too Bad You're Beautiful", but they have done nothing but disappoint since that release. Brutal.

SuperJoe 06/19/06 06:53 AM

yay! jesusXcore!

fallafelraffle 06/19/06 07:34 AM

a typo in the first sentence? get it together man

"Chasing the safety of their last release, UnderØath have returned with Define The Great Line, an album that undeniable marks"

dumbcorey 06/19/06 07:34 AM

amazing album.

irishpunk14 06/19/06 07:37 AM

I don't think i'm going to get it.