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Blake Solomon 12/09/09 09:29 AM

ABSOLUTExclusive: Jeff Martin and Steve Padin
We have another exciting exclusive for you today, one that may enchant your very ears into a feverish dance. Jeff Martin and Steve Padin, both formerly of the atmospheric deity This Day and Age, have a new song called "In This Story", and they want AP.net to hear it first. Head over to their AP.net Profile and let us know what you think. The duo's new album, The First Joke and Other Matters, comes out January 19, 2010.

RoboZombieKitty 12/09/09 09:34 AM

Omg! Do these guys even know how to write a bad song??

1/19 can't come soon enough

geebee889 12/09/09 09:37 AM

I like this a lot! It's very nice. :)

Jeannieanline 12/09/09 09:38 AM

heck yes!

bluecrunchy 12/09/09 09:44 AM

Gorgeous song, as expected.

mybreakingpoint 12/09/09 09:54 AM

Jeff is a god.

zubinmoosa 12/09/09 10:05 AM

so awesome

jewdeenee 12/09/09 10:07 AM

I love Jeff, but this is boring. It sounds like TDAA b sides; or Switchfoot b sides.

AmIWrong 12/09/09 10:10 AM

I always thought this band was over hyped. I'll give it a chance, though.

Alex DiVincenzo 12/09/09 10:32 AM

This is good

anamericangod 12/09/09 10:40 AM

So stoked for this full length.

woominlee2 12/09/09 10:43 AM


sean_tbl 12/09/09 11:27 AM

Another amazing song!

irthesteve 12/09/09 11:45 AM

TDAA broke up?

brenByah 12/09/09 01:14 PM

This may be my favorite one of theirs yet, it's so beautiful, this full length will be great.