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Gregory Robson 12/13/09 07:01 AM

Self Promotion Spotlight: The Body Rampant
This week's installment of the Self Promotion Spotlight is California's The Body Rampant. Want to be featured in the Self-Promotion Spotlight Forum? It's easy, just sign up for an AP account, post in the forum and leave the rest to us. Head to the replies, to read more about The Body Rampant.

Gregory Robson 12/13/09 07:03 AM

The Body Rampant

The Body Rampant is the braintrust of 24-year-old Fortuna, CA resident J.M. Lopez, who lives a self-described life constructed in a "positive manner with the hopes that others will do the same." J.M. performs music that is intricate, abstract and chill-inducing. Most of the songs on his August EP Beast begin with gorgeous, classical piano lines before diving into jagged, art-rock. Beast was a compelling album because it featured skilled guitarwork and impassioned singing. On his November release the Framework EP, he takes a huge step forward thanks to the production work of Casey Bates. "Midwest Mistrust," features soaring vocalwork and a ragged, herky-jerky rhythm, while "Simply Don't Argue," is a should-be iPod staple and the kind of song to pass along to friends. Lopez' MO is the soft-loud, soft-loud dynamic, which is utilized most effectively on album closer "Artax Please." With seven songs released since August, The Body Rampant is most definitely a legit under-the-radar contender and a band to be taken seriously in the months to come.

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Unique Dragon 12/13/09 07:43 AM

pretty damn good

Daveyhavok832 12/13/09 08:15 AM

I downloaded the Beast Ep a while ago, as it was a Free Music Friday download. It's pretty sick and definitely shows great potential.

geebee889 12/13/09 08:38 AM

I am quite impressed.

doubleA 12/13/09 09:06 AM

I recently downloading the Framework Ep and really liked it.
I was kinda confused about the video at first because the music sounded like As Tall As Lions.
Now i realize its a video of them recording.

steveC 12/13/09 11:17 AM

wow, that was really really good.

I am Mick 12/13/09 06:24 PM

I don't really understand why you would do a studio video with another bands song over it...but I like the band name.