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Drew Beringer 12/16/09 01:32 PM

Colbert Is In An Empire State of Mind
A video of Alicia Keys' performance on The Colbert Report can be seen in the replies.

Drew Beringer 12/16/09 01:32 PM

ArisonCain 12/16/09 01:34 PM

yessss! top notch!

Robby Starbuck 12/16/09 01:35 PM

Colbert brings it. <3 it. He needs to never rap again though. haha.

$b-real$ mercy 12/16/09 01:38 PM

that was unreal!

lauren1234 12/16/09 01:43 PM

She is phenomenal.

duhpunk 12/16/09 01:44 PM

hate the song, but watching this was great

JordanBuell 12/16/09 01:45 PM

that was so awesome. hahahaha

Buscemi Knows Best 12/16/09 01:45 PM

colbert is awesome, and damn alicia keys has some pipes. that being said ive always hated this song.

mercedesbens 12/16/09 01:46 PM

So great! I was laughing so hard when I saw this last night

Jeff_Ryan 12/16/09 02:02 PM

she's really talented

jwicklun 12/16/09 02:05 PM

epic. colbert can do no wrong.

tyramail 12/16/09 02:07 PM

that was awesome. i've never really been a huge fan of alicia keys, but this might have changed my mind, she is amazing.

jwicklun 12/16/09 02:13 PM

colbert has been a hit with the ladies recently. first the ice skater now this!

Codi23 12/16/09 02:25 PM

Watched this last night. It was groovy...