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Blake Solomon 12/21/09 08:31 AM

Just Surrender Newness Caught On Tape
You can hear a new Just Surrender song in the replies.

Submitted by notetoself343

Blake Solomon 12/21/09 08:31 AM

bradsonemanband 12/21/09 08:50 AM

gotta love em

schmalz 12/21/09 08:53 AM

My work network is blocking this clip. Boo this. I will have to wait til i get home.

Spenny 12/21/09 09:13 AM

Preferred their debut to the last album. Will get the new one though.

highfidelity203 12/21/09 09:16 AM

Can't wait to hear this...I really liked the other new song they posted a little while back

c_j 12/21/09 09:23 AM

Looking forward to this album

bobbyithappens 12/21/09 09:25 AM

Need to give this a listen when I'm out of work

the sky below 12/21/09 09:31 AM

this band needs to put out a new cd stat

duhpunk 12/21/09 09:37 AM

will listen when it's out

TakenByCars 12/21/09 09:55 AM

sounds pretty good to me.

FeARxITSelff 12/21/09 09:59 AM

this is extremely old. it was already posted as news like a month and a half ago.
regardless, sounds promising. saw them play it live with their set and it sounded pretty tight. i'm hoping they're going back to ITSCT approach for this cd.

t00latef0rr0ses 12/21/09 10:27 AM

got excited when i saw "hear a new song in the replies" then became disappointed to see a live video.

im_FINK 12/21/09 10:45 AM

Just Surrender writes soundtracks to lives. Great song, looking forward to their album.

salt1384 12/21/09 11:09 AM

i can't stand listening to a new song live for the first time.
p.s. thank you blink for not doing that :)