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Anton Djamoos 12/23/09 08:58 AM

The First Joke in High Resolution
The high-res artwork for Jeff Martin and Steve Padin's The First Joke & Other Matters can be seen in the AP.net Gallery. The album will be available on iTunes on Jan. 19, 2010 and, as it is a truly independent release, the guys would like you to spread the word all you can. Check out their twitter and myspace for more.

Charles777 12/23/09 09:03 AM

That is some smexy album art.

inthemidst 12/23/09 10:13 AM

Can't flippin wait until the 19th.

zubinmoosa 12/23/09 10:32 AM

Fantastic album art. Just re-listened to some TD&A yesterday, really excited to hear this

neo506 12/23/09 07:12 PM

I really want a physical copy but I havent seen anything about one so I guess I can settle for iTunes

InBetweenAisles 12/24/09 03:06 PM

Their music is so amazing.