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Blake Solomon 12/27/09 11:14 AM

Nine Inch Nails Not Dead
Trent Reznor has a big 2010 planned. Are you excited?

DItaliaO 12/27/09 11:18 AM

im excited cause i have yet to see their live show.

:-) 12/27/09 11:24 AM

Ha ha. So much for that hiatus.

Trent just can't stay away from NIN :-) yay

jgord88 12/27/09 11:29 AM


IceAge/HeatWave 12/27/09 11:29 AM

one of the best bands in the world. i wonder if they'll tour again. i read somewhere where he said they wouldn't be touring for a long time.

davey666 12/27/09 11:33 AM

not rly

anomaly519 12/27/09 11:37 AM

Yes! I knew he wouldn't be gone long.

drudo182 12/27/09 11:42 AM


TheHays 12/27/09 11:49 AM

not remotely

ManchesterOrch8 12/27/09 11:50 AM

He said NIN would go away as a touring act, he never said no more music. Therefore, nothing has changed.

blue_bedlight 12/27/09 11:56 AM


Originally Posted by DItaliaO (Post 59491611)
im excited cause i have yet to see their live show.

I don't think you'll see it for awhile. If I remember correctly, Reznor said no more touring, just music.

TheRealJohnOC 12/27/09 11:59 AM

trent is NiN.

gunneryoung 12/27/09 12:03 PM

i love trents work ethic

Dr. Acula 12/27/09 12:07 PM

Awesome news.

FueledByRock 12/27/09 12:14 PM

Brett Favre of music.