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Blake Solomon 01/02/10 04:59 PM

Streaming Aurora
Rescue Aurora has a new EP streaming on their myspace.

Submitted by Saeis

EightOEightDrop 01/02/10 05:03 PM

these guys are sick.

Nick1288 01/02/10 05:07 PM

currently one of the most played albums on my iPod. Every song is freaking phenomenal. If you like music, check out this band. Epic.

mhogan911 01/02/10 05:15 PM

Great band, great album, everybody needs to check this out. Bryan Russell did a great job once again with the production on this one.

themodernelite 01/02/10 07:24 PM

I met Cooper and John outside the HOB in Boston while both of our bands were passing out free CDs after Paramore's show. Super nice guys and their music is fantastic. Check them out!!

EchoPark 01/02/10 08:46 PM

Fuck You Aurora

GoFictionRadio 01/02/10 10:54 PM

Wow the new album sounds amazing!! I really like it!

rescuemsp 01/08/10 12:14 PM

this ep is full of awesome

daveinreallife 04/12/10 09:52 AM

<3 blam!!