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Jamie Pham 01/05/10 02:04 PM

Live Greeley Estates Video
Head to the replies to check out Greeley Estates playing "Seven Hours" from their upcoming album, No Rain, No Rainbow.

Jamie Pham 01/05/10 02:05 PM

HometownHero 01/05/10 02:06 PM


AlexEnglish 01/05/10 02:11 PM


crowd is DEAD

Zachariaahh 01/05/10 02:26 PM

i was hoping it was actually live audio

dontlookaway 01/05/10 02:34 PM

uh i liked greeley three years ago...
now i dont know.
even the starting line crowd last wednesday was 10x more alive than this crowd.

HyperactiveYout 01/05/10 02:38 PM


Originally Posted by AlexEnglish (Post 59898441)

crowd is DEAD

I know, right? The one time I saw them the place was not even half full and nobody except me was moving. I don't get it, they're admittinglly just like every other band in their genre, but for some reason without any of the scene kid love. I'd go as far as to say musically they're more exciting than most bands like them...but they've got NO fan support. It's weird.

DangerousDarrin 01/05/10 02:54 PM

I wish they had some clean vocals.

jco3 01/05/10 02:57 PM

me no likey

arson 01/05/10 03:01 PM

I like it

AlexEnglish 01/05/10 03:06 PM

I think with this record they are really trying to push themselves WAY away from any association with scene.

Young Machetes 01/05/10 03:35 PM

I wanna hear the full album.

COREhorizon 01/05/10 03:39 PM

I hope this album is really good.
I'm listening to Outside of This right now and I can't believe how much they've changed their sound.

TakenByCars 01/05/10 04:04 PM

I wish the crowd had reciprocated their energy.

TriangularDuck 01/05/10 04:39 PM

Every time I've seen Greeley here in Tampa the crowd goes fucking nuts. This crowd sucks balls.