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Russ Hockenbury 07/07/06 05:24 PM

Best Short Film Featuring Across Five Aprils
Across Five Aprils made a trailer for their "Let's Whisper" video. Check it out here and pay particular attention to the guy on the bike. He's going to be big, Kel Mitchell big.

Scott Irvine 07/07/06 05:27 PM

Russ. You make me smile.

YourMusicSucks 07/07/06 05:31 PM

Are they worth listening to?

Someone sent me some acoustic song with a guy talking lyrics and sounding like he had downs and I decided not to give them more of a chance...

Russ Hockenbury 07/07/06 05:33 PM

I'm enjoying their new record. Though, if you were hardcore into their previous stuff, it may take a little getting used to.

hamiltonburns 07/07/06 05:53 PM

even being a fan of their other albums i find the new one more enjoyable, and i wouldnt judge them just from that acoustic track

WakingTheMisery 07/07/06 05:59 PM

the new album doesn't sound very good. i saw this video a few weeks ago though. :shrugs:

your_martyr 07/07/06 06:02 PM

New record is amazing

and the full video has already been released as well
It's on their myspace.

Roboman 07/07/06 06:10 PM

That girl looks hot. Oh yeah, and I'll check out the music too.

Matt Metzler 07/07/06 06:25 PM

Who loves orange soda?

YourMusicSucks 07/07/06 06:39 PM

I checked them out and... I like it.

The screams are really interesting, in a good way.

Saravain 07/07/06 09:25 PM

the new singer is different but still good. i like the range of their old one. i think their music is a perfect blend. i can't wait to get ahold of Collapse.

the video is already up too on acrossfiveaprilsrock.com.

FASSWcore 07/08/06 07:23 AM

saw them in akron. it was ok.

Julia Conny 07/08/06 10:37 AM

who needs an actually video? this was cute enough for me.

DivisionStreet 07/08/06 01:59 PM


Originally Posted by MattRM
Who loves orange soda?


Has he done anything since Mystery Men?