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Anton Djamoos 01/15/10 07:21 AM

In This Story with Jeff Martin and Steve Padin
Jeff Martin and Steve Padin of This Day & Age have added another song, "In This Story," from their new album to myspace. The full-length album, The First Joke & Other Matters, comes out independently this Tuesday. Feel free to add them on Twitter.

highfidelity203 01/15/10 07:33 AM

Loved This Day & Age but I can't seem to get into this stuff

derekmoyer4 01/15/10 08:02 AM

i will be purchasing this on tuesday.

InBetweenAisles 01/15/10 08:31 AM

Really good stuff. I'm excited to hear this whole album.

sean_tbl 01/15/10 08:47 AM

Can't wait, wish they'd put the entire album up for streaming! But whatever so close now! Love this song too.

JonnyJonnyJonny 01/15/10 08:49 AM

The songs are very chill. Relaxing. Their Myspace layout is pretty amazing. Like.

chillinlikebob 01/15/10 09:02 AM

Great stuff. Definitely will be buying!

mybreakingpoint 01/15/10 11:20 AM

will be buying for sure.

XenoAbe 01/15/10 11:33 AM

Isn't this the same song that was on here first?

thechrisformat 01/15/10 03:48 PM

So good... There isn't a physical release, is there?

NorthstarPark 01/16/10 11:51 AM

I've been saving a gift card I got for Christmas to buy this album. Amazon MP3 this Tuesday, YEAH!