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Paul Tao 01/26/10 12:49 PM

The Nation Master Is Born. Dun Dun Dunnnn.
Live Nation and Ticketmaster's merger has been okayed by the Department of Justice.

irthesteve 01/26/10 12:51 PM

cool deal, now i won't have to play limbo between the two to try and figure out where to buy tickets

Cameronisonfire 01/26/10 12:52 PM

Horray for $40 service charges on $15 tickets!

robat19 01/26/10 12:52 PM

seems like everyone is going elsewhere lately. the last few shows i've bought tickets for have been on frontgate.

TerrancePryor 01/26/10 12:52 PM

Sign of the apocalypse

Alex DiVincenzo 01/26/10 12:53 PM

Glad a lot of bands are shying away from these two lately.

exploration #4 01/26/10 12:56 PM


Originally Posted by Cameronisonfire (Post 61036052)
Horray for $40 service charges on $15 tickets!

Came in to say this. Bye everyone!

eclypsion 01/26/10 12:56 PM

"Their resolution is a great win for fans."

I beg to differ.

dubey 01/26/10 12:57 PM

Luckily I can get tickets to almost any GA show from local record shops. I'm sure others have a similar situation in their cities as well. Ticketmaster is always the last resort for me.

live4music 01/26/10 12:57 PM

America: Home of Capitalism

carlosonthedrums 01/26/10 01:02 PM


TheKyle 01/26/10 01:02 PM

fucking bullshit

TSTLSOOM 01/26/10 01:03 PM

Nation Master is Self Aware.

ramomcferno 01/26/10 01:03 PM

Good thing there are alternatives for most shows.

yayitsjoe 01/26/10 01:06 PM