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Jonathan Lally 02/01/10 02:03 PM

Sparks the Rescue on MtvU
Sparks The Rescue's music video for "We Love Like Vampires" is up for voting at mtvU's The Freshman. The video with the most votes will be added into rotation on mtvU.

Keagan Ilvonen 02/01/10 02:07 PM

Everyone should vote for them. They really deserve this.

tyramail 02/01/10 02:30 PM

voted. i love this song.

tess94 02/01/10 02:33 PM

i love sparks!

malicebecks 02/01/10 02:35 PM

absolutely voted. these guys are one of my favorite bands. great sound, great dudes.

Wisher 02/01/10 02:40 PM

i wanna see these guys. i hear things of a great live show.

mcdizzle88 02/01/10 02:46 PM


Originally Posted by Wisher (Post 61336741)
i wanna see these guys. i hear things of a great live show.

absolutely. high energy, fun, and they're solid live. i've never NOT had a good experience seeing them

|adr3naLine| 02/01/10 02:50 PM

Awesome/fun live. Also...they said this song is about having sex during a girls period. So it's a well deserving song.

cory-182 02/01/10 03:07 PM

Probably my 5th favorite song on the album.

Still good enough to get my vote.

GregisXcore 02/01/10 03:14 PM

i fucking love this band/album
it's catchy without trying to be

hiya 02/01/10 03:19 PM

wait a sec., i thought that video went directly onto MTVU since they won that contest with them. hmmm, guess i'll vote though.

sweepthenation 02/01/10 03:30 PM

Favorite song off the album, and excited to see these guys get some coverage

darkboby 02/01/10 04:15 PM

reminds me of the Jamisonparker song "slow suicide". "We live like vampires and we love like killers" i guess its different.

I am Mick 02/01/10 04:19 PM

I miss their old stuff :(

Laur3l 02/01/10 04:24 PM

i love themmmmm. so much. voted