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Alex DiVincenzo 02/01/10 10:51 PM

RJA in May
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus are planning to release their new album in May.

JuneJuly 02/01/10 10:51 PM

They were so so bad at Summerfest.

Little Ferret 02/01/10 10:52 PM


fishguts182 02/01/10 10:52 PM

i didnt know theses guys were still around

andthetruthwill 02/01/10 10:53 PM

Sweeet. This year for records just keeps getting better and better.

TheHays 02/01/10 10:54 PM

their 15 minutes have come and gone

UnderMyDreams 02/01/10 10:56 PM

Funny, I was just talking about these guys a few days ago. They really dropped off the face of the earth.

joppyxtsl 02/01/10 10:58 PM

Was a fan of their first album, but I never listened to anything they released after that.

gr33ndayfr3ak 02/01/10 11:01 PM

Their debut was fun, but I hated the single from their last one and didn't check it out. Was it even any good?

ALEXMASONRULES 02/01/10 11:03 PM


tyramail 02/01/10 11:07 PM

i wish i could be excited.

robat19 02/01/10 11:08 PM

how unfortunate.

DandonTRJ 02/01/10 11:31 PM

The mild interest stoked by their first album was entirely extinguished by the second album.

I'll listen to whatever single they put out next, and if it doesn't catch my attention, I'm done.

WhoSaidThat? 02/01/10 11:34 PM

They working with Howard Benson again?

Gregv 02/01/10 11:37 PM

red jumpsuit apparatus....fail