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SuchAPerson22 02/10/10 02:02 PM

Eleven seconds in and it sounds good to me.

element4433 02/10/10 02:49 PM

Great band.

mickmadethelist 02/10/10 03:17 PM

Loved these guys. Found out about them through the Less Than Jake guys. Roger was all about them.

mmmhayleymmm 02/10/10 04:06 PM

I love this band!!! Wish Nashville woulda given them a little more recognition.

doritoz 02/10/10 08:19 PM

I thought it said Teen Idles at first, but this guys also sound awesome.

Jamais_vu 02/11/10 06:44 AM

They used to play Holiday Road live. That was my favorite part!