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Adam Pfleider 03/02/10 10:08 AM

AP.net Interview: Gabriel the Marine
My interview with Gabriel the Marine can be seen here.
QuoteIt's so awesome to just be yourself and make art, and that's the best thing about it. I never want anyone to control that.

TheBestBet 03/02/10 10:10 AM

Some of Long Island's finest.

Keagan Ilvonen 03/02/10 12:18 PM

Probably the best young band out of NY right now. So excited for the new record. Great job with the interview too.

InBetweenAisles 03/02/10 02:16 PM

Really cool band. Awesome interview.

mask of glass 03/03/10 01:07 AM

Saw them live in Auburn. They put on a good show.