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Ska Senanake 03/03/10 10:26 AM

I think their break-up hurts me more then any other band just because it is very unlikely they will have a reunion show. I can't even express how much I love Relationship, Vaya, and in casino out. Still have yet to find a band that uses as many metaphors in their lyrics.

brenByah 03/03/10 10:28 AM

One of the best, an incredible band.

SickNolte 03/03/10 10:32 AM

Best band in the last 20 years. Watching these videos make me so happy. Vaya!

Hagysaurus Rex 03/03/10 10:33 AM

Never really got into them, but I fully respect their influence on music. Also: wished I had seen them back in the day. My God, the energy in those videos is absurd.

davey666 03/03/10 10:33 AM

they inspired me to become a freight train engineer.

marsvoltamcr 03/03/10 10:35 AM

Relationship of Command is my favorite album ever

TerrancePryor 03/03/10 10:36 AM

One of my favorite bands.

provethatIexist 03/03/10 10:36 AM

Relationship of Command is definitely one of my all time favorite albums. so horrible to realize i'll never get the chance to see them live...

delvec19 03/03/10 10:36 AM

loved them

Sloth7 03/03/10 10:37 AM

My #1 reunion that I pray happens one day.

The 11 songs on Relationship of Command were the highlight of the 00''s post-hardcore/punk explosion.

GetWellBoss 03/03/10 10:40 AM

one of the craziest shows ive ever seen.

xapplexpiex 03/03/10 10:41 AM

This band is legendary. Relationship of Command is such a good album.

Yellowcard2006 03/03/10 10:41 AM

I recently got "Relationship of Command" as a christmas gift. It's good, only gave it one listen so far. Shame on me.

amorning_ofsleep 03/03/10 10:42 AM

I can listen to "Pattern Against User" and "Catacombs" all day long.

Anton Djamoos 03/03/10 10:44 AM

Such an awesome band. Glad their legacy is still strong.