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GamEin 03/03/10 10:45 AM

Invalid Litter Dept. ftw.

xsinkshipsx 03/03/10 10:51 AM

what more can i say that hasn't already been said about this band?

amour faux 03/03/10 10:54 AM

i remember being in 7th grade and the only one to ever listen to them at that time. such an amazing band.

Cameronisonfire 03/03/10 10:57 AM

They're so all time. I miss them.

AdamWASFearless 03/03/10 10:58 AM

Great band but these guys were a pain in my ass at the label.

slimfenix182 03/03/10 10:59 AM


Originally Posted by tool5591 (Post 63055282)
I wish this weren't just nostalgia and they were still around. I love the volta but ADTR was brilliant for their time. Come baaaack!

A Day To Remember is still together =P

RiCCioLi 03/03/10 11:00 AM

one of my top 10 fav bands of all time for sure! I really hope they are still considering a reunion. the mars volta bore the shit out of me

ragingpepper65 03/03/10 11:01 AM

Conan + Adti
This video solidified my love for ATDI. I've never seen a band on television pour such intensity into one song EVER!


roberthuston 03/03/10 11:02 AM

Will always be among my favorite bands. Love them, very raw.

anamericangod 03/03/10 11:03 AM

Dancin' On The Corpses Ashesss


puNk_tHeoRy 03/03/10 11:04 AM

"arcarsenal" is still one of my top favorite songs. I'm still kicking myself over never seeing them live. Glad too see this post.

rawspinner 03/03/10 11:05 AM


I secretly like ADTR though. shh don't tell anybody

Keagan Ilvonen 03/03/10 11:06 AM

One of the best ever.

jeremyc 03/03/10 11:11 AM

I remember 4 years ago I was on a phone call with Bob Becker and he told me the story of how he signed these guys after seeing them in a small bar with little to nobody there. Awesome story and incredible band.

Sikbeat37 03/03/10 11:13 AM

It's truly one of my greatest regrets that I'll likely never see this band live.