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abovepalmtrees 03/03/10 09:30 PM

I would not be where/who I am today if it were not for hearing 'Relationship Of Command' when I did.

iam1bearcat 03/03/10 09:46 PM

I was in 6th grade when I first heard "One Armed Scissor" and I still remember that image / feeling / moment vividly. I was blown away.
Great, great band.

introduction 03/03/10 10:03 PM

Ah the good old days. Wish I could have been around for them.

Fool 03/03/10 10:13 PM

I think you missed an album.

brandnew=love 03/03/10 10:15 PM

The one half-famous thing from El Paso; they used to play here so much...

DogSizedBird 03/03/10 10:36 PM


Originally Posted by AdamWASFearless (Post 63085452)
I can't really say it in a public forum but hit me up on AIM and I'll tell you the stories.

I'm interested, will do.

icynova 03/03/10 11:09 PM

I was talking to the keyboardist from Four Year Stron about this band the last time they were in New Mexico. Would love to see them again.

kazuma_ootaro28 03/04/10 03:44 AM

Glad to see "Cosmonaut" get some mention. One of my favorite songs from Relationship of Command.

holybatmon 03/04/10 04:25 AM

I remember days of just listening to ROC and Refused all day. Good times.

carlosonthedrums 03/04/10 07:29 AM

"Comonaut" is my alarm clock ringtone...I defy you not to bounce out of bed upon hearing that at 5:30 in the morning.

Vaporchoke 03/04/10 08:11 AM

oh man, I love them. I didn't get into them until after they had broken up, but I would have loved to see them live.