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Pat Marquez 08/01/06 10:55 PM

Trivium Track Listing
Trivium has released the track listing for their new effort, The Crusade:
Track Listing01 - "Ignition"
02 - "Detonation"
03 - "Entrance Of The Conflagration"
04 - "Anthem (We Are The Fire)"
05 - "Unrepentant"
06 - "And Sadness Will Sear"
07 - "Becoming The Dragon"
08 - "To The Rats"
09 - "This World Can't Tear Us Apart"
10 - "Tread The Floods"
11 - "Contempt Breeds Contamination"
12 - "The Rising"
13 - "The Crusade"

HeadSock 08/01/06 11:05 PM

Ohhhh cant wait.

Roboman 08/01/06 11:20 PM

You can also listen to the track "Detonation" on this page:


Moatilliatta085 08/02/06 02:14 AM

only two posts? awww. ok here's 3. anyway. sweet. more trivium coming my way. Why has this band remained under the "scene" radar? they're so good

robhimself 08/02/06 05:28 AM

this should be very good

ThisIsNotDan 08/02/06 05:33 AM

love these dudes, but now matt heafy sounds EXACTLY like James Hetfield, but hey thats just one song. i can't friggin wait

wesgemm08 08/02/06 07:11 AM

this band is basically the nu-metal of 2006, terrible

HollywoodAbalze 08/02/06 08:37 AM

my guitar player is so excited for this release

WasteofPaint31 08/02/06 09:38 AM

This one should be good

knibl 08/02/06 03:45 PM


Originally Posted by HollywoodAbalze
my guitar player is so excited for this release

he should be.

heafy = amazing guitarist.


AshesAshes 08/04/06 11:31 AM


Originally Posted by knibl
he should be.

heafy = amazing guitarist.


Haha,thats one way to put it or ripping off megadeath

BSplaya2121 09/20/06 08:00 PM

the CD is accually kind of depressing...... the new cd the crusade gets away from ascendency's ripping beginnings,variety, and most of all the great vocals. The vocals sounds like something from Metalica which is no suprise considering the bands obsession with metalica (master of puppets cover). However dont get me wrong it is a good CD but it just wasnt what i wanted, like the other 2 cd's