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Joe DeAndrea 03/15/10 05:46 PM

New Cute Is What We Aim For Sites
Cute Is What We Aim For have a new website and myspace.

PoweredbyPJ 03/15/10 05:48 PM

i was wondering when the new myspace would go up

i was expecting to maybe see some other members or something lol.

Drown_The_City 03/15/10 05:48 PM


anamericangod 03/15/10 05:50 PM

Album Of The Year

gr33ndayfr3ak 03/15/10 05:50 PM

So attractive.

BigAl 03/15/10 05:51 PM

Is it just Shaant right now?

jusscali 03/15/10 05:51 PM

Kid needs to go on Tool Academy haha

lenard27 03/15/10 05:54 PM

hahahahahaha what a pic.

Smeee 03/15/10 05:54 PM

So they broke up for half-hour but are back now?

TSTLSOOM 03/15/10 05:56 PM

iminaband.org? the site is weird looking

whenwefirstmet 03/15/10 05:56 PM

haha holy shit nice layout

FueledByRock 03/15/10 05:57 PM

Sad and hilarious at the same time. The "photo gallery" is what made me laugh the most.

Chiodosbros13 03/15/10 06:00 PM


Originally Posted by jusscali (Post 63648021)
Kid needs to go on Tool Academy haha


sammyboy516 03/15/10 06:00 PM

should change the name to Cute is what I Aim for

HA! i slay me

hiya 03/15/10 06:03 PM

what happened to his hair? eek