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jusscali 03/15/10 06:05 PM


Originally Posted by hiya (Post 63648671)
what happened to his hair? eek

New website, myspace, haircut?

ched zeppelin 03/15/10 06:07 PM

this is going be awesome hha

Xx sorrow xX 03/15/10 06:12 PM

There back,
That's cool i think

truth or dare 03/15/10 06:15 PM

not much "new"

tyramail 03/15/10 06:17 PM

i like his hair.

blimpcityhero11 03/15/10 06:19 PM

Bitches love his new hair cut...

UnderMyDreams 03/15/10 06:19 PM

New music, please?

irthesteve 03/15/10 06:19 PM


ManicanParty49 03/15/10 06:20 PM

"Buy More Toilet Paper"

I hope Shaant doesn't think that people consider CIWWAF's music to be shit.

But seriously...I doubt any new music will be good, but I'm ready to be proven wrong.

KatastrophiE 03/15/10 06:21 PM


Originally Posted by FueledByRock (Post 63648301)
Sad and hilarious at the same time. The "photo gallery" is what made me laugh the most.

sorta like zoolander. but no where near as cool cuz hes prolly not friends with billy zane

Miss Heartcore 03/15/10 06:24 PM

Had this dream last Friday that Shaant was standing on the sidewalk near Crash Mansion in NYC, singing some new songs he wrote. He was all alone and no one cared or was paying attention to him.

The end.

varsido 03/15/10 06:25 PM

terribly designed site

etheritcher 03/15/10 06:29 PM

The site is awful. Who designed it?

GregisXcore 03/15/10 06:30 PM

Robbert pattinson?

schmohawk 03/15/10 06:30 PM

apparently shaant is playing all the tour dates by himself?