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taan 03/18/10 01:43 PM

Cute Is What We Aim For is a solo act now?

fran.182 03/18/10 02:18 PM

I didn't know they were coming back.

Stroke 03/28/10 01:19 AM

what the hell...
just shaant.
so predictable.

JonM 04/06/10 06:02 AM


Originally Posted by BELIEVEINDERRIK (Post 63700042)
What is wrong with the way the myspace layout is made? Myspace is dead anyways, who in there right mind would make an extravagant myspace layout in 2010.

As I already said, they're not coded properly for Safari and Firefox. They stretch beyond the ~900px rule, it uses iframes (which is bad enough when used properly), tables (css anyone) and they all have a horizontal scroll on them.

Very poorly 'designed'.