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Jamos4184 03/16/10 09:30 PM

Still weird to me that this is where Dan and Jake went, musically, from The Chariot. Not saying it's bad, it's just kind of a weird change.

AFlat 03/16/10 10:17 PM


Originally Posted by EndHasAStart (Post 63696452)
Urrrghh. Sounds like crappy British indie-style music has infiltrated the US. Have fun.

says the guy whos username is an Editors reference.

rushour144 03/16/10 10:30 PM

Yea this is one of my new favorite bands!!! The Chariot are one of my all time favorite bands and the Fiancee was my favorite Chariot album, so to see 2 dudes from that album do this was shocking but really good. They have something good going for them, and the video was awesome!

Can't wait till next tuesday.

EndHasAStart 03/17/10 08:00 AM


Originally Posted by AFlat (Post 63722441)
says the guy whos username is an Editors reference.

Editors (before their latest album) don't have that indie sound though. Or the overpronounced cockney accents. Or choppy high guitar parts. Or lyrics about ridiculously trivial things. I'd class them more as pop-rock.

twokidtech 03/17/10 01:39 PM


Originally Posted by koohyuko (Post 63689971)
Not a bad song, and not a bad video, but man, the lead singer's hair and 'stache really bug me. That being said, hair doesn't make the music.

I agree with everything you said