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Jeremy Aaron 03/17/10 11:33 AM

Weekly Nostalgia: Texas Is the Reason
With just a single full-length, an EP, and a couple of singles in their catalog, Texas Is the Reason were living proof that longevity isn't required for a band to make an enduring impression. Letting go of the tough-guy posturing of their previous hardcore bands and turning toward decidedly more melodic and emotional waters, the band formed in 1994 and lasted just three short years, leaving behind precious little to remember them by, perhaps making each selection seem all the more special because of it. Not that their body of work isn't impressive in its own right-- the lone full-length Do You Know Who You Are? is a post-hardcore classic, with huge arena-filling guitars and enough heart and honesty to spare, and it earned them significant attention from major labels. Texas Is the Reason seemed destined to be the proverbial "next big thing," but as it happens all too often, the band crumbled just when things were starting to get really good, largely due to the pressures of the increased attention. The band may be no more, but as always, the music lives on.

Jeremy Aaron 03/17/10 11:34 AM

"Blue Boy" (single)

"If It's Here When We Get Back, It's Ours" (from Texas Is the Reason EP)

"Back and to the Left" (from Do You Know Who You Are?)

"Johnny on the Spot" (from Do You Know Who You Are?)

ryanhorizons 03/17/10 11:38 AM

i fucking love this band!

EndSerenading 03/17/10 11:48 AM

A+. I'm glad you included "Johnny On The Spot" as a sample

raptorz44 03/17/10 11:50 AM

Listened to one of their albums A LOT for a week, but sadly this band never caught on with me. Usually, whenever bands become Weekly Nostalgia I'll give them a second chance. These guys will be getting it.

satanisanerd 03/17/10 11:50 AM

I bought Do You Know Who You Are in 1996 when it came out and I've loved it ever since. Great album by such an underated band.

Broclee 03/17/10 11:51 AM


Originally Posted by Jeremy Aaron (Post 63741102)
"Back and to the Left" (from Do You Know Who You Are?)


iaminsane20 03/17/10 12:07 PM

This band was too good.

TerrancePryor 03/17/10 12:11 PM

"Back and To The Left" is so fucking good. Miss this band very much.

gcreams 03/17/10 12:13 PM

Even the title track on Do You Know is fantastic

inthemidst 03/17/10 12:15 PM

Great band. It's amazing how their legacy continues to live on with such a small discography. Remarkable.

Rich Duncan 03/17/10 12:16 PM

Such an incredible band

quesosauce 03/17/10 12:21 PM

this band was the SHIT

chriskfoto 03/17/10 12:22 PM

i still believe do you know who you are? has the best drums recording i've ever heard.

'06 reunion was amazing to see.

biscant 03/17/10 12:30 PM

back and to the left = chooon