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Rid Ickulous 03/20/10 01:16 AM


Originally Posted by The Coalition (Post 63873182)
It's not the only thing you said, the only thing you said that mattered is that it was timeless, the rest of it was condescending douche speak.

It's the attitude you bring to the table douche-bag, and you're still doing it. Might wanna stop assuming people aren't as "filled in" as you are.

That's your own problem if you feel that way. My info came from AP and i heard the unmastered one ages ago so I assumed everyone who enjoys the band had atleast heard of it. Hardly obscure or "in the know"-stuff. Alternative Press is heavily frowned upon on here and doesn't count as being an "insider". Neither does flat-out admitting that mastering engineers have saved my ass plenty of times. You're the one being very condesending, with "do you even know what mastering is?"-comments etc when I just quoted the band. Apparently you don't think the band knows what they're talking about.

The "mastering made it timeless" comment is still from the band, not me. I only mentioned mastering because of how much bandmembers have emphasized it in the past, yet the closest mention of it was that mixing made the record so I figured I'd mention mastering.

HolyCrapola 03/20/10 11:01 PM


Originally Posted by Rid Ickulous (Post 63855081)
I agree, just as much as mixing doesn't. Vision and songs are what makes it timeless.
However, that was actually a quote from the band so don't lash out on me for it.

Comparing mixing to mastering in any way is ridiculous.

Take "Born In The USA", and turn down Springsteen's vocals until they're entirely buried by the guitars, then tell me the song is still timeless. I don't care how clear the vision, production, songwriting, etc. is, if it's not mixed well, and if the levels aren't right, no one will listen to it.

johnnyonthespot 03/24/10 02:13 AM

This Band Saved My Life.