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Blake Solomon 03/23/10 06:49 AM

New Foals Jam
A new Foals song called "This Orient" premiered on Zane Lowe's BBC Radio 1 show yesterday. Hear it in the replies.

Submitted by youngmountain

Blake Solomon 03/23/10 06:59 AM

youngmountain 03/23/10 07:21 AM

This is growing on me, hopefully the whole album isn't that much like this though.

Blakebear 03/23/10 10:51 AM

Boys and Girls, i think I'm going to love this album.

Keagan Ilvonen 03/23/10 10:52 AM

Decent. The album will be great, I have faith.

Shinobi1791 03/23/10 10:57 AM

Liking this and Spanish Sahara. New album a good prospect.

barkingincision 03/23/10 12:42 PM

this website is fucking sad.
6 replies?.....really?

thatwasamoment 03/23/10 01:31 PM

gonna be goood

echolalia16 03/23/10 07:02 PM

I'm liking this and Spanish Sahara more than most of the stuff from Antidotes. I'm really pumped for this! This and Jonsi's Go Do are my two most anticipated albums as of now.

tommyhaych 03/24/10 07:45 AM

If they can top Antidotes, I can see this being a legendary cd.