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Blake Solomon 03/23/10 07:04 AM

We Are The Clips
Hear clips of We Are The Union's new album here.

Submitted by Ava1anche

delvec19 03/23/10 07:17 AM

sounds great!

Bongi5788 03/23/10 07:35 AM

check out my review of this album.


Alexx Miller 03/23/10 08:03 AM

Never heard of these guys. Sounds awesome though, I will definitely be checking this out.

robdobi 03/23/10 08:28 AM

this band makes me feel like i'm 18 again, stoked for this.

hiya 03/23/10 09:26 AM

excited for this, clips sound great. bummed I didn't go see them last week.

irthesteve 03/24/10 11:51 AM

sounds solid