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Adam Pfleider 03/23/10 11:18 AM

South by South[SocialMedia]
According to this article, the most increased buzz over a band at South by Southwest based on social media this year was Fang Island. The article also contains a list of the most talked about overall. Number one? NeverShoutNever.

Keagan Ilvonen 03/23/10 11:19 AM

That's so awesome for Fang Island. They deserve the hype.

Adam Pfleider 03/23/10 11:20 AM

This is the list of increase in buzz:

1). Fang Island
2). Neon Trees
3). XV
4). Oddisee
5). Jonna Lee
6). Matthew Mayfield
7). Evergreen Terrace
8). The Antlers
9). Phantogram
10). GZA

This is the list of the ones that netted the most overall

1). NeverShoutNever
2). The xx
3). Wale
4). Broken Bells
5). Sum 41
6). Blair
7). The Temper Trap
8). Miike Snow
9). Local Natives
10). We are Scientists

HometownHero 03/23/10 11:23 AM

Nice for Wale, NSN, Broken Bells, Temper Trap and Local Natives. That's awesome

Blake Solomon 03/23/10 11:28 AM

seeing them tomorrow!

gr33ndayfr3ak 03/23/10 11:33 AM

Evergreen Terrace? That's surprising. Good news for all of 'em though.

fly_guy 03/23/10 11:45 AM

Congrats, NSN. He'll be on the radio by the end of the year

JustAGirl01 03/23/10 11:46 AM

so nice to see local natives on that list!

SuNDaYSTaR 03/23/10 11:55 AM

Evergreen Terrace generated that much buzz?

Charles777 03/23/10 11:57 AM

Fuck yeah, We Are fucking Scientists

sargenthouse 03/23/10 12:19 PM

Fang Island Rules!

gladnads 03/23/10 12:25 PM

I saw NSN for sale at best buy.

felt sick man.

bamamitch 03/23/10 12:31 PM

Nevershoutnever??? :shake:

hiya 03/23/10 12:57 PM

cool for the other bands, but I'm so sick of hearing about nevershoutnever. kid flatout sucks in every aspect.

WerdnaNBD 03/23/10 01:26 PM

good to see Evergreen Terrace on the list