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Jon Foucart 08/07/06 11:42 AM

Maylene And The Sons Record Soon
Maylene and The Sons of Disaster will be heading into the studio to record their Ferret debut after their tour with Throwdown and Zao. The disc is expected out around Jan/Feb of next year. More information regarding this will be surfacing in the coming weeks.

hmmmmmm 08/07/06 11:43 AM

Southern treats.

M-House 08/07/06 11:44 AM

I'm so excited for this, i saw them last week and it was the most insane show i have ever seen, so badass, the crowd was CRAZY.

08/07/06 11:45 AM

Yayy. I get to see them on wednesday. Excited.

xeightoh3xx 08/07/06 11:48 AM


Katie Schmitz 08/07/06 11:51 AM


Troy will Fall 08/07/06 11:51 AM

i love my maylene...can't wait for this album.

The Silencer 08/07/06 11:54 AM

seeing them tonight(hopefully)

yutsmcgee 08/07/06 12:06 PM

this band is so obnoxious

abusedcat 08/07/06 12:29 PM

i love ZAO. their cd release show was insane.

trash zoo 08/07/06 12:35 PM


Zeran 08/07/06 12:54 PM


weworemasks 08/07/06 01:01 PM

at the as cities burn tour, i got there kinda late, but still caught 2 maylene songs, and they are so fucking good live. i didn't know they were recording so soon.

wypij 08/07/06 01:05 PM

i really like maylene.. dallas was incredible with underoath. and i cant remember why he left. i think for a girl or something.. but maylene is good.

Ravenna 08/07/06 01:30 PM

ferret is amazing