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chiggles 03/26/10 11:08 AM

A Day to Remember - And Their Name Was Treason
A Day to Remember - And Their Name Was Treason
Record Label: Victory Records
Release Date: May 10, 2005

A debut album for a band is a big deal, it's the first time their able to reach beyond the limits of their hometown when it comes to their music. If a band is able to blow away the competition with their first album, this shows extreme potential for the band, their name written on t-shirts and headlining show flyers spanning the country. A Day to Remember makes a big impression with their debut "And Their Name Was Treason", the heaviest album in their discography so far. Though they tend to be very routine and repetitive with their song setups, the band manages to create heavy breakdowns, catchy choruses and well crafted music.

Of course, this is the album which launched the bands career, as they now have 3 albums released and one hell of a large fan base. A Day to Remember is now more of a pop punk/hardcore, but if we want to catch them at their heaviest, this is the album to listen to. After the intro track, 'Heartless' booms into the speakers right away. Jeremy's low screams make it's way to our ears and right away were into it. The guitars are fast and the drums pace right along with it, then were introduced to Jeremy's clean vocals with the fast and catchy chorus. This is a near perfect way to start the album, it made me really look forward to what the band can do throughout the album.

'If Looks Could Kill' is a very fast paced song, switching from screaming to singing throughout the verse. Jeremy has a great voice here, his screams are low and not as impressive but his voice has a good pitch and it fits with the grainy recording of the music. We get a good breakdown here and there, but it's just another formulaic song off the album. 'A Second Glance' is probably my favorite song off the album, it's poppy and catchy, with an intense breakdown at the end, how can it get better than that. 'You Shouldve Killed Me When You Had the Chance' is another basic ADTR track, it follows the scream/sing formula and there's not much to it thats worth pointing out, besides the fact that it's well put together.

'You Had Me At Hello' is one of the very few times we ever get greeted to an acoustic ADTR, which I wish we could get alot more of. It's a cute song, one that any man can dedicate to their girlfriend during their anniversary. It's very easy to remember and it's catchy, and very addicting to listen to.'1958' is the heaviest song on the album, it's the most brutal, violent song ADTR has ever released. It's extremely good though, a straight hate song. It's one that gives people a reason to hit others at shows and it's a very angry song.

So, A Day to Remember is said to be "taking over" the genre. They started off great with this album and have slightly changed their sound since then. This is A Day to Remember at the top of their game, when they were young and not as known as they are today. If you want a good ADTR album, check this one out. It's heavy, it's catchy and completely worth the listen.


a nocturnal day 04/06/10 07:56 PM

Good review man, I jammed this earlier today oddly enough. Reminds me of my sophomore year in HS and the whole emo thing.

andthetruthwill 04/06/10 11:42 PM

I still listen to this pretty regularly. Feels timeless to me. All the songs are just very well done.

Akissforher 04/07/10 01:30 AM

great review, great album; but i do agree i few more acoustic songs would be greatly received

dtomczak 04/07/10 10:41 AM

good review, i especially like the creativity rating. this album is definitely more creative than homesick, but certainly not catchier. all of the songs are done very well though.

FallOutWeeze 04/08/10 10:49 AM

You had me at hello is the best song on the album

vale93kotor 04/09/10 11:13 AM

It's a good album,and also a good review....

low_rising 04/12/10 02:41 PM

wow i remember this album it was good

ryanwilcox 04/15/10 10:51 AM

ahh i can't get into this band for some reason

Midgar777 04/16/10 06:31 AM

I used to listen to this loads. The other week when I was out a song came on but I was confused how I knew the words but I couldn't place who it was. It was these guys! Great album.

chiggles 04/22/10 12:18 PM

Thanks for the great criticism everyone!

jordanlcx13 12/16/10 07:51 AM

back when adtr was good...

willfet1 08/25/11 03:03 PM

uggh i wish they were still this band, i hate the new radio version of ADTR, but i can't blame em for wanting it anyways

jesusphrak2015 09/14/15 04:03 PM

good album, I listened many times and yesterday I did it again. vikings war of clans hack