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Karl Hansen 03/31/10 04:18 PM

Eventhough I couldn't agree less with the bands' retarded political views, this album still makes me a little bit proud to be Swedish.

Clearly this has been one of the most influential releases within our "scene" of the last 20 years.

GencoRecords 03/31/10 04:57 PM

I doubt its true but I would take that grueling flight to Australia to see it.

chordsforacure 03/31/10 05:18 PM


Originally Posted by Clark (Post 64479582)
I swear you guys have done Refused for the Weekly Nostalgia before, but I can't find it. I know you posted something about them, though, because it's what prompted me to download The Shape of Punk to Come.

I thought the same thing... like literally I think it was a month or two ago

fkdupvisions 03/31/10 05:28 PM

ok it was a hoax that got my hopes up at 3am in the morning -_-

Clark 03/31/10 05:43 PM


Originally Posted by chordsforacure (Post 64510622)
I thought the same thing... like literally I think it was a month or two ago

It was back in August, I think. According to iTunes, Refused was added to my library on 08/29/09.

MattyBeatz 04/01/10 12:44 PM

"Liberation Frequency" was the theme song to my college radio show (oops, I just aged myself). And I had the chance to see them play an all ages show in my town on their only US tour (the one they broke up on) and I didn't go and I'm lame.

They started other bands, The (International) Noise Conspiracy, Text, AC4, The Lost Patrol. But none were as awesome as Refused.

About every few years rumors of a reunion happen, and every few years we're reminded as to how it's not going to happen. Stop torturing us. Refused are fucking dead.

NotebookMusic 11/12/10 07:50 AM

The Shape of Punk to Come = amazing, haha.
After listening to this album, I seen how many bands nowadays are influenced by these guys. I can tell that them taking punk and adding in some electronic/jazzyness influenced Underoath a bit on their Lost in the Sound of Seperation Album.
I can a little bit of Dennis in Daryl Palumbo a little bit, too. These guys are amazing, and inspired me the first time I heard them.