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vaguestcargo 03/31/10 12:15 PM


Originally Posted by imtherealdave (Post 64488372)
Lyrics have never been their strong suit.

So it seems. I liked some of the stuff on their last album (except maybe "talking about the dinosaurs and how they died, haha"), but the stuff from this album is getting especially cheeseball.

NFG4ever 03/31/10 12:21 PM

This is proboly my favorite new song so far , the man's voice is just amazing

ths<3bts4onlyu 03/31/10 12:24 PM

This is pretty great, but not very different from their previous album.

B4Bronco6 03/31/10 12:36 PM

Who cares if it sounds the same as their last album.

At least they didn't sell out and turn mainstream/poppy like Saosin did with ISOSG.

Sometimes not changing, doesn't hurt, ie Story of the Year

SomedayTheFire 03/31/10 12:36 PM

Music = good. Vocals = good. Lyrics = horrendous.

Rysker6 03/31/10 12:37 PM

Wow, I've seen the name tossed around here and there but had never listened before. It does sound Saosinish doesn't it.

Bongi5788 03/31/10 12:39 PM

I am reviewing this album for another site. It really is a great album.

zubinmoosa 03/31/10 12:44 PM

Love this band so much. Can't wait to hear Teenage Fantasy

Color Morale 03/31/10 12:57 PM

greattt song

I am Mick 03/31/10 12:57 PM

This record is going to be awesome

aradiantsunrise 03/31/10 12:57 PM

Soooooo good.

HometownHero 03/31/10 01:03 PM


Originally Posted by tjm125 (Post 64486492)
Sounds exactly like their old stuff. Progression is not their strong suit. Still pretty solid though.

Sounds just like Spider Besider

InBetweenAisles 03/31/10 01:12 PM

This is such a good song.

barkingincision 03/31/10 01:13 PM

the bridge of this song slays
liking this a lot.

ramrod24 03/31/10 01:30 PM


Originally Posted by SomedayTheFire (Post 64490352)
Music = good. Vocals = good. Lyrics = horrendous.

I think its obvious we wont understand why he used the lyrics he did,but this album is personal to Charles the vocalist. Its most likely him writing about his memories of his teen years. We may not understand it,but i'd like him to explain each song for maybe a deeper meaning.