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Blake Solomon 04/05/10 09:33 PM

Matt Pond Clips
Clips from Matt Pond PA's new album, The Dark Leaves, can be heard here.

Submitted by radxbandit

Argentine 04/05/10 09:47 PM

Really looking forward to this record.

ZeRo 04/05/10 10:33 PM


Originally Posted by lalaKR@dr1cx (Post 64801422)
Really looking forward to this record.

Me too.

Co and Ca 04/06/10 12:51 AM

love this band. i won't listen to anything until i get the physical copy.

thesollopsist 04/06/10 02:03 AM

I love this record.

bencoles 04/06/10 04:48 AM

Sounds great. Really like the artwork.

jrtbighurt 04/06/10 05:28 AM

Very good album.

Brissona 04/06/10 05:59 AM

or you could go to spinner and listen to the thing in its entirety here

ramomcferno 04/06/10 10:24 AM

Great album. I enjoy all of Matt Pond PA's albums.

singregardless 04/06/10 11:12 AM

bring this record on! i can't wait to see what they did with 'the dark leaves' stuff they had on myspace forever ago

hf57 04/06/10 12:07 PM

solid album. running wild is a great song.

emblemsmusic 04/06/10 02:21 PM

Matt Pond PA with Bobby Long, The Hudson Branch and Emblems.
May 9th.
The House Cafe in Dekalb, IL.
You can pick up a copy there, I know I'm going to.