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Alex DiVincenzo 04/07/10 07:09 PM

From First to Abstract
Travis Richter (ex-From First to Last) is the new frontman of The Human Abstract.

aradiantsunrise 04/07/10 07:10 PM

The hell?

Alex DiVincenzo 04/07/10 07:10 PM

Looks like Travis was smart to get off that sinking ship. Odd pairing though; I'm interested to hear how he sounds with THA.

Supernovacaine 04/07/10 07:12 PM


(in a dr.evil tone)

truthbetoldxx 04/07/10 07:12 PM

The human abstract is still around?

superBMRuth 04/07/10 07:14 PM

April Fools was last week.

but seriously. What?

Richard Maxim 04/07/10 07:16 PM

Shit, this is a late ass april fools.

HometownHero 04/07/10 07:16 PM

Oh wow didn't see this coming

Sickoteen 04/07/10 07:17 PM

What the Fin'g Fuck?! Now that's some weird news. I've never heard him sing. Well, he used to trade vocals with Sonny but his voice was forgettable. This I want to hear.

White 04/07/10 07:18 PM

Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooa.

bolgy99 04/07/10 07:19 PM

I don't even think that's a terrible idea. I liked the new FFTL, hopefully now I can start liking The Human Abstract again after the abysmal effort of Midheaven. Nocturne was the bomb, though.

I will hold my judgement until I hear some new tunes.

DogSizedBird 04/07/10 07:24 PM


Originally Posted by voncorn (Post 64948412)
I used to listen to both of these bands, and now I have absolutely zero care for this news.

Both FFTL and The Human Abstract need to quit stalling and just break up already.

You are correct.

I am Mick 04/07/10 07:25 PM


Romancebled 04/07/10 07:31 PM

Definitely didn't see this coming. Kinda interested in hearing how they sound now.

SteveD 04/07/10 07:38 PM

The new FFTL release was their best yet I thought. Not excited about this news though.