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Alex DiVincenzo 04/12/10 07:37 AM

AbsoluteAccess: The Human Abstract Interview
Read our exclusive first interview with former From First to Last guitarist Travis Richter since becoming the vocalist of The Human Abstract here.
ExcerptThey got a fill-in guitar player for that tour, and when they came back from Australia I could tell that they had sex with the new guy while they were there, so to speak, and that my days in the band were numbered.

knowthisx 04/12/10 07:55 AM


strange quote.

price 04/12/10 08:52 AM


Originally Posted by knowthisx (Post 65197462)

strange quote.

actually you were #2.

TheRealJohnOC 04/12/10 08:53 AM

feel sorry for that new guy lol

provethatIexist 04/12/10 08:53 AM


you're a jackass.

bobsheiskawy 04/12/10 08:54 AM


Originally Posted by price (Post 65201292)
actually you were #2.

nice job.

brenByah 04/12/10 09:40 AM

What does that quote even mean, wtf?

ihaveblink 04/12/10 09:44 AM

I choose to read this without the "so to speak" part. Makes a lot more sense.

Metal Now 04/12/10 10:05 AM


Originally Posted by ihaveblink (Post 65204792)
I choose to read this without the "so to speak" part. Makes a lot more sense.

I agree. More fun has been had.

Two Headed Girl 04/12/10 10:17 AM

New album is a lot better.

therookielot 04/12/10 10:27 AM

haha interesting response. "Taking his toys to his other friends to play" good stuff

Sherrice 04/12/10 11:40 AM

I get what Travis was trying to say but what the fuck?

Very odd choice of words.

bringmoreknives 04/12/10 12:11 PM

always been a strange dude
i like how he didn't go all drama queen on his departure from fftl though

drevans18 04/12/10 12:14 PM

i feel like there was a more normal way to say that.

whiterussian 04/12/10 01:14 PM

It's not that hard to understand, or odd. Bands are a whole lot like romantic/personal relationships.

That said, I don't know anything about these guys. I came in after reading "they had sex".