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xinthisdimlight 04/12/10 08:21 PM

whatt they got signed without even playing a show? hmm

hollowcrownxx 04/12/10 08:27 PM

I don't like them. :/

HeavenResign 04/12/10 09:01 PM


Originally Posted by SweetThye (Post 65214192)
Certainly not gods of music... but they are popular cause they're local and kids love that "post-hardcore" scene music here. They are from my area, Flowery Branch/Buford.

Lol at kids thinking this shit is post hardcore.

truth or dare 04/12/10 09:06 PM

"Whoa Is Me" would have been a better band name


Originally Posted by encmetalhead (Post 65212962)
2 vocalists who only do vocals but are not like Set Your Goals = fail

yeah cuz syg are the only band with 2 singers. syg have 2 singers & they still suck

Romancebled 04/12/10 09:42 PM

so sick of hearing bands like this.

Oeightyfour 04/12/10 11:04 PM

Is anyone else with me that maybe Velocity Records needs to hire a new photographer? Run out of band promo ideas much?

HometownHero 04/12/10 11:08 PM


Originally Posted by Color Morale (Post 65237262)
watch the videos of them reording and u hear him sing for a cool minuit with no autotune. and its absolute perfection

You have absolutely awful taste in music

HometownHero 04/12/10 11:09 PM

Also why so many replies to this shit fest?

D' Evils 04/12/10 11:21 PM

litterally this is the must replys ive seen for a rise band getting signed, on another note, they remind me of a mixture of SEA and Sleeping with sirens

47CFC 04/13/10 03:17 AM


Originally Posted by phisylus (Post 65228722)
Pianos Become The Teeth sounds amazing. Thanks for showing me them. Good stuff, has that old As Cities Burns feeling to it. Something I don't understand, is why does everyone like this kind of music now? I want to say TDWP started it all, and I really respect TDWP, they make some good music and put on very energetic shows. But now I see everyone listening to these to this style of pop hardcore music and I don't understand why. I will agree it all sounds like a Rise Records band, and I used to like them until they started signing all of these bands that sound like TDWP and Breathe Carolina. I mean, keep 1 band, not something that sounds the same, but I guess it's whatever makes them money. Quick question, what on earth do all these kids see in TDWP. I can't go to any mall without seeing someone wearing a TDWP shirt, or a Myspace without having someone's name say "Dood, Rulez, or Wears Prada". I mean TDWP has some pretty smart lyrics, imagery lyrics IMO, so what on earth do these scene kids see? I know they can't relate to the lyrics, no way. I like TDWP, but I can't stand their fanbase.

WIN. I luvs u. Finally, i see someone who knows that TDWP WEREN'T a generic scenexcore band till bands like Attack Attack! started popping up & infesting this scene

noone 04/13/10 05:33 AM

They are successful, the last time I checked. Whether or not you think they are talented, they are living their dream. They deserve it. Not everybody is going to be liked. And quite frankly, I don't think they care about your opinions anyhow. THEY ARE GOING SOMEWHERE. They got what they wanted and I am so happy for them. You're judging them without even knowing them. They are personally great people. In fact, they are working their asses off. SO SHUTTTTTTTTTTTTT up.

Naenia 04/13/10 05:42 AM

I guess I should have expected it but for some reason I'm surprised these guys got so much negative feedback here. I actually really like them, they won't reinvent the wheel but I think their singer is good enough to make this stuff interesting. At least they writer better stuff than most of the rubbish making this kind of musuic too.

crimes 04/13/10 06:09 AM

if you're in to electronicore or technocore or whatever the fuck it's called, they're not half bad..

SweetThye 04/13/10 11:10 AM


Originally Posted by Drow Swordsman (Post 65257782)
Lol at kids thinking this shit is post hardcore.


dookfacekillah 04/13/10 01:01 PM


Originally Posted by Pete-Fish101 (Post 65254432)
okay. the band is called Whoa! is me. and they sound close to Woe, is Me. i had them labeled on my Itunes as Woe, Is Me

haha exactly

try and tell me