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YoTengoRabbi 04/12/10 09:42 AM

I'd check this out later when I a feeling spiffy, so I can get pissed and bring myself back down to neutral.

Edit: Got impatient. Sweet hair ftw.

NegativeCreep 04/12/10 09:42 AM

rise strikes again.

Mr. November 04/12/10 09:43 AM


Originally Posted by Blake Solomon (Post 65203852)
to achieve a level of intricacy we've yet to experience

And here I thought it was to try to make up for their lack of talent.

Whereisreggie 04/12/10 09:45 AM


lurker411_k9 04/12/10 09:46 AM

that Ke$ha cover is hilarious.

MILFCORE 04/12/10 09:50 AM


Originally Posted by brothaman (Post 65204172)
damn, they put another pic up and the dude cut his hair. mustve just done it.

They still look like dipshits. With the hair and the dude in the middle's piercings.

i_was_a_lid 04/12/10 09:53 AM

What the fuck is with all the septum piercing? Do people really like to look like bulls?

HometownHero 04/12/10 09:54 AM

My lap top browser couldn't even fit all of them on it lol. Two dudes for vocals, still leaves five others. Fuck that is stupid. And the Kesha cover is shit. And the original songs are garbage. Not surprised one bit

lotusmilano 04/12/10 09:56 AM

They look like a slightly edgier version of O-town

barkingincision 04/12/10 10:01 AM

this sounds exactly like sleeping like sirens
this sounds exactly like of machines
this sounds exactly like broadway
this sounds exactly like we came as romans

i am so sick of the state of heavy 'underground' music. i could write a fucking book.

Mudkip 04/12/10 10:05 AM

They sound like every other Rise band. Not that I'm complaining, I can tolerate this type of music, but they don't bring anything new to the table.

Bruised26 04/12/10 10:08 AM

I am embarrassed to live in Georgia. I cannot stand this band, but everyone in the local scene thinks they are the Gods of Music.

COREhorizon 04/12/10 10:09 AM

Kids who like Attack Attack and Bring me the horizon just jizzed...

and I died a little on the inside.

makeoutmags 04/12/10 10:09 AM

starting a band with seven people in it - a good way to never make a living off touring

JoshAugustine 04/12/10 10:14 AM


Originally Posted by makeoutmags (Post 65206562)
starting a band with seven people in it - a good way to never make a living off touring

so true