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Anton Djamoos 04/13/10 06:00 PM

Bad Rabbits Can't Back Down
Download a new song from Bad Rabbits called "Can't Back Down" here.

tombo85 04/13/10 06:36 PM

Isnt this on their ep.

turbo>thanlaser 04/13/10 06:42 PM

Band is so tight. Saw them a few weeks back at a loft party.

irol529 04/13/10 07:22 PM

this isnt exactly a new song

bringmoreknives 04/13/10 09:22 PM

fun to watch live.

JokeEmIfUGotEm7 04/13/10 11:15 PM

these dudes will be HUGE.

Alexx Miller 04/14/10 06:30 AM

I wish I could see these guys live, their EP is amazing. Stick Up Kids rules.

LightTheFuse 04/14/10 09:20 AM

More people need to listen to these dudes.

Ska Senanake 04/14/10 09:26 AM

went to their second show, first boston show in january 2009 when they opened for fly upright kite. Blew me the fuck away, support these guy 100%, so good live.

Bob Payne 04/14/10 01:57 PM

i wish all pop music aspired to be this good.