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brokenmixtape 04/21/10 09:51 AM

I remember seeing them play with Interpol in '05. They were pretty good live.

Different Damage is a solid album

EndSerenading 04/21/10 10:04 AM


foofiter02 04/21/10 10:26 AM

D-O-W-N and that's the way we get doooooooown!

Rob Hrx 04/21/10 10:58 AM

Haha, I had so much respect for these guys for coming out to tour in South Africa: no one knew who they were, and they were completely unlike anything we'd heard before. A metal band opened for them, and all their fans didn't know what the fuck to do when Q And Not U came on...

etomicsean 04/21/10 11:06 AM

i love love love this band reminds me of some fond memories from back when they were playing. good pick.

justlikehoney 04/21/10 11:42 AM

every modern dancy 'indie' band (Foals etc.) owes something to these guys.

muchoawesomeo 04/21/10 12:04 PM

i love the q

jhog3411 04/21/10 12:04 PM

Fun band. They lost me a little bit on the last full length but they're definitely solid. I only managed to catch them once, touring on Different Damage.

Jeremy Aaron 04/21/10 12:18 PM


Originally Posted by justlikehoney (Post 65867182)
every modern dancy 'indie' band (Foals etc.) owes something to these guys.

It's funny you should mention that. I had originally had a line in the write-up: "When you're rockin' it to the new Foals album next month (or right now if you're a naughty music pirate like Blake Solomon), pause for a moment and give silent thanks to Q and Not U for their influence." I gave it a second thought, and truthfully, Foals sound could really be traced back to Talking Heads and such, while Q and Not U's influence is felt more directly in bands like Dartz!, but even in that case, you could argue that they were influenced equally by Les Savy Fav or The Dismemberment Plan. In the end, I decided to nix the idea altogether. Without question, their sound resonates at least subtly in many of today's bands.

From: Skulls 04/21/10 12:25 PM

Probably my favorite inactive band. Really wish I got to see them live.

justlikehoney 04/21/10 12:32 PM


Originally Posted by Jeremy Aaron (Post 65870602)
Q and Not U's influence is felt more directly in bands like Dartz!

DARTZ! were really something, shame they broke up...

CutTheStrings 04/21/10 01:19 PM

This band doesn't get nearly the attention or recognition they deserve. They released three fantastic albums were so influential in the indie scene. I would give a nut to see them live. I hope they get together to record/tour in the future.

kevinrocks409 04/21/10 02:04 PM

Q and Not U was a great band, No Kill No Beep Beep is nothing short of amazing.

Burn That Shit 04/21/10 02:29 PM


Originally Posted by shit stroll (Post 65858912)
god damn you. when did you see them?

2003 or 2004, they were touring with black eyes i think. i saw them at a cafe after the show too but i didn't say anything since i was like 15 at the time, haha.

badday? 04/21/10 03:34 PM

I loved this band. Weird that this would be posted today, me and my friend just tentatively named our new band "So Many Animal Calls" because of our shared love for Q and Not U. I still hate that I never got to see them live...