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Blake Solomon 04/21/10 04:51 PM

Veara's Video Update
Veara's 3rd studio update is in the replies.

Submitted by Jaimehere

Blake Solomon 04/21/10 04:51 PM

sweepthenation 04/21/10 04:57 PM

Solid band

Edit: And no surprise that with Jeremy producing this is like ADTR's mockumentary for their last album

BigG1392 04/21/10 05:01 PM

Can't wait to hear their debut... the first two songs sound extremely good

youngz 04/21/10 05:30 PM

hahaha the badbitch

Jaimehere 04/21/10 05:40 PM

favorite part was "Alright!, you're the bad bitch... what a bitch..." hahahha

StephenYoung 04/21/10 05:50 PM

The singer reminds me of Kenneth from 30 Rock...

Macbeth. 04/21/10 05:52 PM

I hate all of these types of videos - I just want to see studio footage like in Four Year Strong's EOTW videos

SweetThye 04/21/10 06:29 PM

"Brittany on the drums... she's... she's just a little firecracker!"

ha ha. She is a beast... and a bad bitch... apparently. Looking forward to the record. Need some new straight fun and energetic pop punk.

mrotsch 04/21/10 07:06 PM

"I'm going to beat those drums like Chris Brown"


Great Line

N30n ScEne BOi 04/21/10 08:10 PM

I b rePPen dis ind Nav XDXD

Brandon Allin 04/21/10 08:36 PM

Nothing but love for this band.

Davey_Owens 04/21/10 08:38 PM


FullFathomFive 04/21/10 08:40 PM

Nothing but love for these guys.

Edit: Wow, that guy 4 minutes before me very much agrees.

Oeightyfour 04/21/10 09:40 PM

Love this band.
Love this video.

However, I like how these are being posted as "studio updates"...
not really updates...their done recording, and hell - already finished a tour with a day to remember.

so it's more just like "studio footage" or something, ha