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mylastnerv 04/22/10 05:18 AM

Awesome. New record is going to be incredible.

RiverRunsRed 04/22/10 08:15 AM


Originally Posted by Macbeth. (Post 65894812)
I hate all of these types of videos - I just want to see studio footage like in Four Year Strong's EOTW videos

so you want a boring video of people doing the same stuff.
not a crazy video that they actually put some time into?
Veara is awesome. I saw them twice on this tour and were he 2nd best band on the bill IMO. I preordered the record already!

Brandon Allin 04/22/10 10:18 AM


Originally Posted by FullFathomFive (Post 65909462)
Nothing but love for these guys.

Edit: Wow, that guy 4 minutes before me very much agrees.

Hahaha. Great minds think alike.