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Romancebled 04/26/10 01:30 PM

Wow that sounds incredible.

Illuminate 04/26/10 01:31 PM


Originally Posted by Brissona (Post 66206902)
veckatimest is one of my favorite albums of all time.. there is not one thing wrong with that record.


CRDLO 04/26/10 01:34 PM

cant really get into it

FireInTheSky 04/26/10 02:49 PM

this is absolutely beautiful. it's all the things I love most about veckatimest.

IWasHerHorse 04/26/10 03:40 PM


Originally Posted by barkingincision (Post 66220282)
it still baffles me how this band (whom i've grown to really dig) has made their way into the mainstream. new moon and volskwaggon and lottery commercials, etc etc
i feel like their music is very experimental, two weeks aside, and yet people are really lapping it up. it's cool, but i'm just not sure how they rose to so much hype. ???

They opened for Radiohead.

but I feel the same way about Radiohead though.

TheClockSounds 04/26/10 04:12 PM

I love them

BananasaurusRex 04/26/10 05:37 PM

Teasing me! I love love love Yellow House and Veckatimest. Can't wait for anything these bros come up with.

barkingincision 04/26/10 09:07 PM


Originally Posted by IWasHerHorse (Post 66233172)
They opened for Radiohead.

but I feel the same way about Radiohead though.

opening for radiohead alone doesn't necessarily get you all of this
and i disagree, radioheads first three releases were extremely listenable/pop format/accessible
they still work within the pop format a lot, whereas grizzly bear seems to branch out more in terms of structure, at least, overall.

moronikbass 06/15/10 04:43 PM

It's pretty awesome that more lotteries are doing some sort of music promotion. In Minnesota, there's this scratch off ticket promotion called Cash & Concerts where not only can you win money but also music downloads and free concert tix! Hope more states start doing music related lottery promos!