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Garett Press 05/03/10 01:37 PM

Paramore Takeover on Fuse
Fuse TV is running an all day takeover for Paramore, today, May 3rd. Starting at 11 am ET, viewers can catch exclusive Paramore programming all day, including blocks of video content on programs "Loaded: Paramore" and "The Paramore Chronicles". Then, at 8 PM ET, Hayley Williams and Jeremy Davis sit down with Fuse host Toure’ to discuss life on the road and their upcoming tour in “Paramore: On The Record with Fuse”. Hayley also opens up on her thoughts regarding a potential solo career, her breakup with lead guitarist Josh, and the excitement of recording a song for Twilight.
On A Solo CareerI mean, no I don’t think I could ever see myself with just my name in lights. I’ve never seen myself like that. In fact, when I started getting into music, I wanted to be the drummer. I was like, ‘I want to be as far away from the front as I can.

carlosonthedrums 05/03/10 01:40 PM

Hayley on drums would be hella sick.

KEB182 05/03/10 01:40 PM

saw some of this earlier, makes me respect Hayley even more!

I am Mick 05/03/10 01:43 PM

too bad they put all of that into one block "paramore takeover" and I can't DVR just the special.

lauren1234 05/03/10 01:45 PM

I completely forgot about this until I woke up and saw that it was on. What a way to spend a day home being sick.

Nick Le 05/03/10 01:57 PM

Don't think I have this channel at school. Bummer.

Thomas Nassiff 05/03/10 02:07 PM

We don't talk about that on the radio.

koohyuko 05/03/10 02:07 PM

I wonder if Brazil gets Fuse....

joberooni 05/03/10 02:10 PM

as much as i enjoy Paramore's music, i just dont get the hype.

lostfear 05/03/10 02:14 PM

Why don't I get Fuse?!!! =/

Scrandon 05/03/10 02:15 PM

So they'll be asking all old questions that we already know about...

rhinitus 05/03/10 02:17 PM

don't have fuse. used to. blame comcast.

RyanFTW 05/03/10 02:18 PM

Then they can go back to airing Lil' Wayne's world 1 and 2 for the rest of the year the next day.

saofan_315 05/03/10 02:45 PM


Originally Posted by rawrockroar (Post 66710792)
Don't think I have this channel at school. Bummer.

Same thing goes for me too. Damnit.

calciumwaste 05/03/10 03:01 PM


Originally Posted by Scrandon (Post 66711972)
So they'll be asking all old questions that we already know about...

i know, these are the same "juicy" questions that every interviewer asks.