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Joe DeAndrea 05/08/10 02:38 PM

B.o.B - B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray
B.o.B - B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray
Record Label: Atlantic Records
Release Date: April 27th, 2010

Every year there seems to be an artist that comes out of nowhere into the mainstream with a huge hit. In 2007, there was the monstrosity of Soulja Boy. 2009 hated music fans by giving us the cesspool also known as Ke$ha. But luckily for the music world, 2010 will be known for the gem of B.o.B. Who the f*ck is B.o.B, you wonder? I wondered the same as his now-platinum single "Nothin' on You" blared through my stereo. He probably expects that reaction too; it's even the title of one of his mixtapes. Little did I know, B.o.B was actually following me around more than I thought. He had songs I heard constantly on games like Madden 10 and also made a few guest appearances on other songs. Whether you know him from listening to his songs while getting your ass whooped in a sports game or as "the guy from that Cobra Starship song", it'll all be a thing in the past, as everyone is going to remember him for his debut album, The Adventures of Bobby Ray.

The Adventures begin with "Don't Let Me Fall" as it shows the softer side of what will be on the record. It's one of the few songs on it that present more of a "pop" instead of "hop." Lead single "Nothin' on You" follows this mold as well, except with a different formula: it has the mellow, ear-catching chorus but B.o.B's flow over rock sounding verses. Bruno Mars also makes an appearance on this song -- the first of many guests throughout the record.

Guest appearances on any type of album usually generates some negativity but the ones on Adventures really shine and freshen it up a bit. The standout track is without a doubt the surefire smash "Airplanes," with Hayley Williams of Paramore offering her vocals to one of the most infectious choruses made all year. Other guests include a quirky appearance in "Magic" by Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo and rapper T.I. on the banger "Bet I." Guests aside, the songs work well on their own too. The aforementioned "Bet I" is best suitable for in the car with the windows rolled down while "Fame" won't be let out on any party playlists this summer. Another notable is "Lovelier Than You" which consists of entirely acoustic guitar, showing off B.o.B's talents in areas other than just rap. The journey comes to a close with "Airplanes (Part 2)," and what a close it is. With the same chorus as part one, part two includes new verses from B.o.B and one from Eminem, who has killed it with every guest spot he has contributed to lately, and it's no different here.

It's without question that B.o.B has joined the likes of Wale and Kid CuDi with The Adventures of Bobby Ray, as they've all released exceptional debut albums within the genre. Now you know who B.o.B is, but the question that remains is if he has the longevity to maintain a career following the success that's bound to come with this record. However, it's safe to assume that while Soulja Boy fades into oblivion, people realize that Ke$ha is, well,...Ke$ha, and 2011 brings us another flash-in-the-pan gimmick, Bobby Ray Simmons will only improve on his existing talent and make the #1 spot rightfully his for years to come.

Additional InformationTrack Listing
01) Don't Let Me Fall
02) Nothin' on You (feat. Bruno Mars)
03) Past My Shades (feat. Lupe Fiasco)
04) Airplanes (feat. Hayley Williams)
05) Bet I (feat. T.I. and Playboy Tre)
06) Ghost in the Machine
07) The Kids (feat. Janelle Monae)
08) Magic (feat. Rivers Cuomo)
09) Fame
10) Lovelier Than You
11) 5th Dimension (feat. Ricco Barrino)
12) Airplanes, Part II (feat. Hayley Williams and Eminem)
Produced by: B.o.B, The Smeezingtons, Crada, Alex da Kid, DJ Frank E, A.D & Kutta, Dr. Luke, Jim Jonsin, JackPot, Lil' C, Eminem

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Sic Transit Zeb 05/08/10 03:06 PM

Interesting. I don't see the hype with this album.

Chiodosbros13 05/08/10 03:17 PM

this album has a ridiculous amount of hype
I'll probably check this out

tcg47 05/08/10 04:13 PM

A friend turned me onto B.o.B's mixtapes about a year ago and since then I've been anticipating the shit out of his debut album. I love it.

He's so good for the genre of hip hop as a whole. The fact that someone like him who does his own thing is getting big in that genre is a really good sign. I just hope he sticks with it

Dystroxia 05/08/10 05:17 PM

Great review

I will surely pick this up after I pick up The Powerless Rise by As I Lay Dying

lucygray 05/08/10 05:25 PM

I love the track with Janelle Monae.

HometownHero 05/08/10 05:26 PM

Review is very generous for something so mediocre. I still do enjoy some tracks though.

Cody Nelson 05/08/10 05:33 PM


Originally Posted by kidchino08 (Post 67039402)
Review is very generous for something so mediocre. I still do enjoy some tracks though.

Why just mediocre?

symbiote28 05/08/10 05:45 PM


Originally Posted by Sic Transit Zeb (Post 67033652)
Interesting. I don't see the hype with this album.

i have a feeling just because Hayley did a couple of tracks on it. i hope im wrong and that isn't why the hype is all about.

tyramail 05/08/10 05:51 PM

i dig this album.

Blake Solomon 05/08/10 05:51 PM

love just about every song on this record.

Wake Up 05/08/10 05:53 PM

generic, boring, and redundant.


sweetforever 05/08/10 06:01 PM

Really like this album, the chorus of Magic gets stuck in my head constantly, along with Airplanes.

Burn_Burn_Burn 05/08/10 06:06 PM

Uh yeah just listening to this all the way through..
The Kids uses the chorus from Vampire Weekend's The Kids Don't Stand a Chance.
Thought that was cool.

deebs823 05/08/10 06:10 PM


Originally Posted by sweetforever (Post 67040792)
Really like this album, the chorus of Magic gets stuck in my head constantly, along with Airplanes.

right on. magic has been on repeat in my head for the past few days. digging the whole album.