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Steve Henderson 05/13/10 11:04 AM

Director Talks Hold Steady Film
A director talks about his film inspired by The Hold Steady over at Paste.

cshadows2887 05/13/10 11:10 AM

Anything that gets us a potential new Hold Steady record is A-OK in my book. Go indie film!

AP_Punk 05/13/10 11:25 AM


FueledByRock 05/13/10 11:25 AM

I've been listening to Boys and Girls in America all day. This is pretty cool.

notoaststereo 05/13/10 12:36 PM

very cool. also glad to see zoe lister-jones popping up in more films. i highly recommend breaking upwards.

tonighttonight0 05/13/10 01:56 PM

Could be good. One thing, did he say that the Coen brother's aren't from Minnesota or did I misread?