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Thomas Nassiff 05/14/10 12:58 AM

Safety Word Orange - On Your Mark. Get Set.
Safety Word Orange - On Your Mark. Get Set.
Record Label: Unsigned
Release Date: May 18, 2010


Safety Word Orange are a five-piece pop punk group from Richmond, Virginia. On Your Mark. Get Set. is the follow-up to their self-titled debut EP released in 2008. The lead single from this EP, "Fiending", has already gained popularity on PureVolume and the band are playing a record release show in Richmond with The Friday Night Boys, The Bigger Lights, and Cute Is What We Aim For.

How Is It?

It's sun-soaked and ready for your cliché summer pop punk comments. Let's play it with the windows rolled down. Let's play it when we're playing cornhole and drinking a Corona at the beach. Fuck that, I'm playing it everywhere. Safety Word Orange combine a relatively mellow pop punk sound with passionate vocals, a sound that really draws similarities to A Dangerous Summer at times. This is hardly a bad thing, though, as On Your Mark. Get Set. proves to be one of the most enjoyable EPs I've heard in a fairly long while. From the crescendos of "Never Enough" to the fiery chorus of "Another Face in the Crowd" to the soaring vocals in "Fiending", there is enough variety to satisfy everyone in this 5-song output. Considering that Safety Word Orange don't stray away from their sound much, and considering that their sound isn't breaking ground on anything new, the versatility shown in the EP is a good sign for future full length efforts. Closing song "Halfway in Love By the Time We Sat Down" shows the variety again as it begins slower than the previous tracks before a rhythmic, upbeat chorus.

Safety Word Orange are definitely on to something here with their second EP. Although the songs combine to total less than 20 minutes of play time, there is enough substance here to make me excited for this band's future. On Your Mark. Get Set. shows the potential for this group to develop strongly, and like The Dangerous Summer's If You Could Only Keep Me Alive EP, it could be the gateway into something huge. Someone just needs to sign them and make it happen.

Recommended If You Likecornhole, Corona, The Dangerous Summer, pop punk, Valencia
Download These Firstthe whole thing
Bare Essentials1. Never Enough
2. Another Face in the Crowd
3. Follow Suit
4. Fiending
5. We Were Halfway In Love By the Time We Sat Down
Produced By: Bryan Russell, Run Time: 19 minutes, 40 seconds

Thomas Nassiff 05/14/10 01:06 AM

This record is only 5 bucks on that buy link. Everyone go buy it and give them way more orders than they can handle. I want these guys to get signed, it's good stuff.

xapplexpiex 05/14/10 04:47 AM

5 bucks? Awesome. I'll get this.

apresnuledeluge 05/14/10 12:11 PM

Jackson's a good dude. Hopefully this does well.

Corey Hoffy 05/14/10 01:53 PM

Bought it. Always on the lookout for new bands. Thanks. Good review too.

drevans18 05/14/10 10:20 PM

good review. definitely gonna buy this.

fueledbysarah 05/19/10 11:52 AM

I saw them live at The Canal Club in Richmond last night and James gave me and my friend a free copy :D
I'm listening to it right now, it's amazing<3

AskAlex24 05/20/10 03:12 PM

hate it

Matthew Tsai 07/16/10 04:17 PM

This is good stuff, especially for the summer. Like it way more than The Dangerous Summer. Good review!