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FMTIH 05/31/10 07:49 PM

Pretty good list and nice to see Pinkerton in there.

alanneri83ktr 06/20/10 08:30 PM

kanye west...really...

M1ndset 07/09/10 04:05 PM

How about Brand New album or a Motion City Soundtrack album?

doeslikemusic 10/08/10 02:02 PM

OF ALL TIME!!! hahaha

doeslikemusic 10/08/10 02:02 PM

OF ALL TIME!!! hahaha

ShipwreckHeart 10/21/10 12:54 PM

outkast on this list too!?!??!!. like 8 thumbs up

silentfilm* 05/15/11 12:36 AM

I question Weezer's Pinkerton not being included on the first list

takeaction 07/25/11 10:16 PM


Originally Posted by zachff (Post 67542432)
Very happy to see Park here, though I'm not sure which album I like better.

I like Building A Better ____ more than It Won't Snow.

luvsickcatalyst 07/25/11 10:24 PM

Never heard of Park. Listening to the song now...me gusta.

Also, the fact that it took until the second round of "classics" to get Pinkerton on here shocks me. Seems like that'd be an instant classic for this site. Regardless, glad to see it on here.